Letter vs Letter – TypeFight

A few weeks ago I stumbled across TypeFight on Twitter. It may be the most brilliant website on the internet, I’m completely in love. The concept is simple; two artists letter the same number or letter and then we all get to vote on which one we like better.

For example here are the 7’s from a recent fight:

Letter vs. Letter - TypeFight // JennMann…

Once you vote it shows you the voting breakdown:

Letter vs. Letter - TypeFight // JennMann…

Here are a couple of my recent favorites:

Letter vs. Letter - TypeFight // JennMann… Letter vs. Letter - TypeFight // JennMann…

Have you ever heard of TypeFight before? Which letter or number is your favorite?

Happy lettering!



Pinterest Food Friday – Salmon BLTs

I have an incredibly in-depth relationship with Pinterest. Mostly I have a plethora of recipes I have don’t have enough time to make. So I thought it would be fun to go across all my different food boards and create menu’s to inspire myself and any of you who love to cook! So I’ll do my best to gather recipes to create a full menu that I think would be delicious together. I hope as this goes on I’ll be able to actually create some of them but as I’m currently traveling for work that will have to wait for a bit.

First Up – Avocado Hummus. This with an array of veggies, pita chips and/or naan sounds absolutely delightful; perfect for a summer night on the patio.

Pinterest Food Friday - Avocado Hummus

Continuing with our “summer night on the patio” theme I’ve chosen Salmon BLTs and Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potato Fries. I hope my mom is reading this because I know that she needs this fry recipe in her life. (She really, really loves salt and vinegar fries.)

Pinterest Food Friday - Salmon BLTs and Sweet Potato Fries

And for dessert I’m not sure it would get much better than this Mixed Berry Crisp. It looks so delicious and summery. (Summery is a real word! Merriam Webster even says so, who knew?)

Pinterest Food Friday - Mixed Berry Crisp

What are your favorite “summer night on a patio” recipes? Would you make or have you made any of these recipes?

Happy eating,



San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

A couple weekends ago I stayed in San Francisco for the weekend and my friend Ari came out to visit me. It was fun to get to actually explore this city I’ve spent so much time in and to not have to sit on a plane for 10 hours in one weekend. One day we went up to Golden Gate Park to walk around and explore. When we arrived we headed straight for the Conservatory of Flowers. It was absolutely beautiful and so serene to walk around. Below are some pictures I took, if you know the name of any of the flowers let me know in the comments! When my right brain gets really overwhelmed sometimes my left brain forgets to do logical things, like take pictures of the nameplates for the flowers/plants.

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

We interrupt this display of beauty for TURTLES!!! Aww, I love turtles. I named them Frank and Ira.

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Do you enjoy visiting conservatories? What’s your favorite one?

Happy flower loving,



Five Things Monday – Invites Edition

Welcome to “Five Things Monday.” As a graphic designer I thrive on inspiration, I try to look for it and find it everywhere. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up when you’re starting or stuck on a project. Some people need an extra cup of coffee on Mondays, I need a little extra jolt of inspiration (and lets be honest, that extra cup of coffee as well).

Welcome back to Five Things Monday! It’s that time of year again when all sorts of wonderful things are happening. Birthdays (though granted these happen all year…), baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, summer bbq’s, etc. etc. You get the jist. If your fridge looks anything like our fridge it’s covered in all sorts of invites and save the date’s. So to honor “that time of year,” I bring you five of my favorite invite ideas.

1. This may be the cutest baby shower invite ever. The invite asks for each attendee to arrive in “dapper style” wearing a bowtie, so cute! (source)

5 Things Monday - Invite Edition // JennMann…

2. This adorably simple baby announcement melts my heart. I love the colors and the layout of the photos. Simple, elegant, beautiful. (source)

5 Things Monday - Invite Edition // JennMann…

3. Why am I posting so many baby things? There are no small children in my immediate life but I can’t get over how adorable all these are. This announcement, for the “debut” of Henry is quite brilliant. I love it! The fake ticket, the pick to tie everything together, so cleverly thought out. Standing ovation! (source)

5 Things Monday - Invite Edition // JennMann…

4. Okay no more babies. WEDDING TIME! This Polaroid style invite speaks directly to my old photo loving soul. (source)

5 Things Monday - Invite Edition // JennMann…

5. Now this is something I haven’t even seen before, but it’s adorable. Simon and Simone wanted all their guests to follow a dress code for their wedding. I absolutely love the adorable little ducks showing the acceptable colors guests could dress in. However, I think the “Please do not come dressed as a duck!” quip is my all time favorite. (source)

5 Things Monday - Invite Edition // JennMann…

What inspires you when you have a case of the Mondays?

Happy creating,

I built a table. No seriously…I actually built a table!

Now many people who know me may not believe this, but I promise you, it’s true. I even have photographic evidence! Though said evidence isn’t of the best quality because I built said table in my basement where it’s quite dark. Apologies for that.

Prior to my table building extravaganza, I scoured the internet for tutorials on table building. A lot of them were way fancier and more complicated than I was after. So I took all the knowledge I gathered from those tutorials and simplified them to meet my needs.

After I made my measurements I headed off to Home Depot with my list of needs and gathered all my supplies. Wood, wood glue, nails, a saw, leg plates, table legs, sand paper (which quickly became a sander), and stain. First up I laid out my 4 pieces of wood that would become my table top, and attached the frame that would go underneath to help connect them. First up I attached the ledge pieces with food glue and once that was dry I secured them with a bunch of screws. When that was done I attached the additional underside support pieces, which I apparently completely forgot to photograph, but you can kind of see one in the leg plate pictures.  I followed the same method for the support pieces as I did the outer ledge. Glue, dry, secure with screws.

Table Steps 1

Next up it was time for the legs! As you can see in the last photo above I bought “fancy” leg plates because it’s easier that way. Once you attached your leg plates you simple just screw the legs into them, it’s brilliant and so simple. Then you flip it over and marvel in the fact that your table actually stands! Woo! Then you start sanding and you just want to cry and ask why you did this to yourself. WHY DOES SANDING TAKE SO LONG?! Sorry I didn’t mean to yell there but that was a really frustrating process for me, haha. Once I was finally done sanding, it was time to stain! Then I got to do a happy dance, because I had built a table.

Table2The table now resides in our living room and is home to Uhura’s cage. It’s the perfect size for her cage and is tall enough to store all her stuff underneath it.


She loves her cage and I love her. :) Yes, she has a mohawk and it’s awesome.

Uhura Everdeen


Have you ever built anything before?

Happy woodworking!




Packers Draft Infographic

In honor of the NFL Draft last week the Packers put out an infographic full of good draft information. Now if you’re like me you automatically love it because, well, it’s the Packers. I also however, like it because it actually supplied me with information I didn’t know! Yay information! I love a good infographic, but that’s probably because I work in the data world. The design is clean, not overwhelming and holds onto the Packers’ brand nicely. I am a fan.

NFL Draft Infographic

What are your thoughts on infographics? Did you follow the draft at all?

Happy picking!,


Now You Can Request an Uber Plane…

It’s no secret that I love Uber, the fabulous (affordable!) car service that sends you a car on demand. (Hint: Click here for an invite and $10 off your first ride!) Anywayyys…Now until May 18th if you’re in France and headed to Cannes, you can request an Uber Plane!

UBER JET by Uber x GOODWILL Private Jets from Uber on Vimeo.

Now it’s not cheap, costing you around $8,390 but you can split the ride with 3 other people. I’m certain that most people reading this are 1. not in Cannes and 2. would never spend that much money for a plane ride. It’s nice to dream though, right?

If Uber Plane was available in your area would you use it? (Assuming you could afford it, dream big people! Dream big!)

Happy flying,