Five Things Monday – Food + Design

Welcome to “Five Things Monday.” As a graphic designer I thrive on inspiration, I try to look for it and find it everywhere. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up when you’re starting or stuck on a project. Some people need an extra cup of coffee on Mondays, I need a little extra jolt of inspiration (and lets be honest, that extra cup of coffee as well).

It’s no secret that I love to cook. So I love when my love of cooking and my love of design come together. Here are 5 things I find absolutely fantastic when it comes to food and design…

1. These cutting boards couldn’t be anymore fantastic. I love their monochromatic illustrations. I might actually use a different cutting board for each thing if I had these.(source)

2. Jamie Wyckoff is one of my favorite bloggers and designers. She helped create Yours Is The Earth which is a company greated by foodies, for foodies. Full of prints, bags, towels and all sorts of other goodies. (source)

3. I love the clean and effective style of these packages for fruit purees. (source)

4. Allan Peters is one of the best art directors Minneapolis has to offer and I love these illustrations for the Minnesota State Fair. (source)

5. I love a good farmers market, and if I saw this poster hanging in my city I would definitely go to that one. (source)

What inspires you when you have a case of the Mondays?

Happy creating,

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