Five Things Monday – Calendar Edition

Welcome to “Five Things Monday.” As a graphic designer I thrive on inspiration, I try to look for it and find it everywhere. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up when you’re starting or stuck on a project. Some people need an extra cup of coffee on Mondays, I need a little extra jolt of inspiration (and lets be honest, that extra cup of coffee as well).

Calendars are a beautiful thing. With influx of internet calendars, calendars on all of our mobile devices, and desktop calendar applications we probably all have, you would think that the non-digital calendars would slowly begin to disappear, yet they’re becoming more and more creative and beautiful.

1. I love this Chalkboard Calendar. Such a fun idea for a kitchen or mud room! I especially love all the different shades of grey to block off the different days.  (source)

2. I have recently become obsessed with washi tape, have you? I adore this idea of using different colors to coordinate multiple day events.  (source)

3. While this particular calendar doesn’t pose a lot of event keeping functionality, my oh my is it beautiful! (source)

4. I so want to do this! I’m already one of those people who keeps all sorts of important and sentimental pieces of paper, pictures, etc. but organizing them by month like this would just make it that much better! (source)

5. How adorable are all these different ‘sleeping’ spoons?! (source)

What inspires you when you have a case of the Mondays?

Happy creating,

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